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Where to Install Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Our industrial epoxy floors provide benefits to many different industrial facilities! Whether you’re running a 24-hour manufacturing plant or a rugged warehouse, we’ve got you covered. These industrial flooring systems are designed to handle the harsh work environments of these facilities and more! Check out the various places to install industrial epoxy flooring below:
Industrial Epoxy Flooring


Industrial epoxy flooring can make the perfect flooring solution for the constant hustle and bustle of busy factories! These floors can handle the weight of heavy equipment, constant foot and vehicle traffic, and exposure to chemicals in these facilities without the worry of sustaining significant damage.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Manufacturing Plants

Typically, manufacturing plants consist of several buildings for producing your product. Our industrial epoxy floors can cover your multiple buildings to provide a complete system of protection for your industrial floors! These floors will save your plant time and money with their low maintenance requirements, exceptional durability, and extended lifespans!
Industrial Epoxy Flooring


Warehouses are known for storing incredible amounts of products and equipment. These spaces need a flooring system that can support that weight as well as the various traffic from employees and equipment like forklifts. Keep your warehouse functioning efficiently and for years to come with our industrial epoxy flooring!
Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Airplane Hangars

Industrial epoxy flooring can give your airplane hanger a beautiful shine that’s as strong as it is beautiful! These floors can support a wide variety of aircraft without buckling under the weight while providing a durable surface to work off of for repairs or regular aircraft maintenance.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Telecom/Data Centers

Telecom and data centers house large power supplies for powering extensive computer servers and telecom equipment. These spaces need a floor that can give the reinforcement to support this equipment’s weight along with generators and specialized HVAC systems. Our industrial epoxy floors are designed to handle these needs and more!
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Types of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

What We Offer

  • Standard Epoxy Flooring: Standard epoxy flooring is our most common epoxy flooring type. This simple epoxy floor can withstand various wear and tear factors, such as high impacts, rough abrasions, and frequent foot and vehicle traffic. These floors can be installed with various colors and patterns to suit your company’s needs!
  • Decorative Flake Epoxy Flooring: Decorative flake epoxy floors are an excellent flooring solution for industrial facilities that can benefit from additional slip-resistance. These floors add texture to your space when we layer acrylic chips over the epoxy base and finish it with a thin, clear epoxy topcoat!
  • Metallic Epoxy Flooring: Metallic epoxy floors are the ideal choice for areas in your industrial building that could use an attractive floor, such as lobbies, waiting rooms, and in-house offices. Impress your visitors and potential clients with this attractive floor!
Industrial Epoxy Flooring