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Where to Install Standard Epoxy Flooring

Standard epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile flooring systems on the market! This concrete coating is ideal for use anywhere from homes to businesses to industrial complexes. Below, you can see some of the most popular installation locations for standard epoxy flooring:
Standard Epoxy Flooring Garage


Standard epoxy flooring systems are perfect for any garage floor. These floors are resistant to the various car-related chemicals commonly found in garages, such as gasoline, oil, and tracked-in road salt. With limitless colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, you can create the garage floor you’ve always wanted!
Standard Epoxy Flooring Kitchen


Many families across the country use their kitchens as a gathering place where friends and family come together to eat and share stories. A standard epoxy floor is an excellent way to make this gathering place a warm, inviting room for everyone! These floors will brighten your kitchen and protect it from the high foot traffic and frequent spills associated with the kitchen.
Standard Epoxy Flooring Basement


Basements are one of the most adaptable rooms in the home. These spaces can be converted into extra bedrooms, entertainment rooms, and much more! Standard epoxy flooring is a fantastic way to utilize your basement floor no matter how you plan to finish your basement!
Standard Epoxy Flooring Commercial

Commercial Locations

Commercial businesses see an almost constant flow of foot traffic. These spaces are subject to daily wear and tear from impacts, abrasions, and spills. Our standard epoxy flooring can protect your commercial flooring while providing an attractive surface for your customers to enjoy! From retail stores to hotels to hospitals to restaurants and more, standard epoxy flooring is always a smart choice!
Standard Epoxy Flooring Industrial

Industrial Locations

Industrial facilities experience some of the harshest work environments out there. These spaces need a floor that can hold up against heavy machinery, foot traffic, heavy equipment traffic, and chemical exposure. Standard epoxy flooring can be the solution to all your industrial flooring needs! These floor coatings are highly durable, resistant to chemicals and water, and support heavy loads with ease!

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The Benefits of Standard Epoxy Flooring

How it can help you!

  • Durability: Standard epoxy flooring is remarkably durable. These floors can handle hard impact, scrapes, and frequent foot and vehicle traffic without sustaining significant damage.
  • Resistance: As these floor coatings are installed seamlessly, there’s nowhere for chemicals or water to seep in. Not to mention, epoxy flooring is non-permeable, so it’ll repel these substances to reduce damage or staining.
  • Customization: When you’re looking for a floor that can match your tastes or personality, standard epoxy flooring is for you! These concrete coatings offer limitless colors, patterns, and textures to customize your floor!
  • Longevity: Standard epoxy flooring is built to last. This flooring system can last for 25 years or more with proper installation and maintenance!
  • Eco-friendly: Conventional flooring materials produce a large amount of waste during installation due to cutting them to fit. Epoxy flooring dramatically reduces this waste, making it eco-friendly!
Standard Epoxy Flooring Installation

Epoxy Flooring

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Standard Epoxy Flooring Maintenance

How to make it last!

Standard Epoxy Flooring Professionals
Standard epoxy flooring is simple and easy to maintain. Many traditional flooring materials require expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive maintenance regimens. By making the switch to standard epoxy flooring, you can save yourself time, money, and effort! All the tools necessary for properly maintaining your standard epoxy floor include a broom or dust mop, wet mop, mop bucket, and pH-neutral floor cleaner. Dust mops are recommended for larger spaces as they cover more area and make sweeping up faster and easier. To maintain your epoxy floor, sweep or dust mop daily, wet mop weekly with the pH-neutral floor cleaner, and spot mop whenever spills occur. With this simple maintenance routine, you can ensure that your standard epoxy floor will last for years to come!

Standard Epoxy Flooring Installation

How we do it!

Epoxy Flooring Professionals Nashville
Installing a standard epoxy flooring is a process that requires the experienced hand of a professional. This process involves several time-sensitive steps that need a crew of trained professionals to accomplish correctly. Always rely on a professional for quality epoxy flooring installation. Our epoxy flooring installation process begins with cleaning and inspecting your concrete for damage, such as cracks and chipping. Any damage will need to be repaired, and then we’ll prep the floor. Floor preparation is typically done with a floor grinder fitted with a coarse diamond grinding wheel. The floor prep levels the floor and ensures proper adhesion between the concrete and epoxy. Next, we’ll mix the epoxy resin and start applying it to the floor. Several layers are applied to reach the desired thickness, accounting for the clear epoxy topcoat that we’ll finish the floor with. Lastly, your floor just needs to cure. Standard epoxy floors are 100% cured and ready for full use after 72 hours.