How Long To

Epoxy Floors Last?

How Long To Epoxy Floors Last

Epoxy is an extremely popular method of flooring, but it does have its limitations. A well-installed epoxy floor can look amazing and protect your floors for years to come. However, there are situations where they will need replacement after just a few years.

What Causes Epoxy Floors To Fail?

Several things could cause your epoxy floor to fail prematurely: Water damage Water is the single most common reason for epoxy floors needing replacement. Given enough water, even the sturdiest of coatings will begin to buckle, crack and peel away from your concrete slab. This is especially true if you live in a humid climate with lots of rain or snowfall. Not only do you need to ensure that there’s a waterproof membrane under your epoxy coating, but you also need to achieve 100% contact between the concrete and the membrane. This is done by following installation instructions very carefully and finishing all seams with high-quality tape. Improper application Poorly installed epoxy floors will fail far sooner than those that were meticulously applied. It doesn’t matter what kind of coating you choose to use – be it a one-component or two-component lacquer – if it isn’t bonded well to the surface, then problems are bound to occur. In most cases, this means that you didn’t clean off all debris from the floor before applying coatings. Other causes may include incorrectly measuring out chemicals for mixing, having uneven pigment mixes leading to patchy areas, and relying on sub-par equipment for application. Using the wrong epoxy coating If you want your epoxy floors to last, then you must use a product specifically designed for concrete floors. Not only will these coatings offer more flexibility, but they’re also far more durable than epoxies made for other substrates such as wood or steel.

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Coating vs Other Flooring Options?

  • Epoxy flooring is extremely durable – most manufacturers claim a lifespan of around 15 years
  • Can be easily polished clean without worrying about causing damage
  • Only requires a thin film layer to achieve maximum protection
  • Is resistant to impact for areas where it’ll take a beating from vehicles or equipment

How to Extend the Life of Epoxy Coating?

There are several end-of-life scenarios where you’ll need to plan for epoxy replacement. Some of these include: Cracks that are becoming wider and more pronounced Debris like dirt, sawdust, or other types of construction materials getting stuck between seams The coating is slowly peeling away from the concrete slab Water stains on the surface The coating was applied incorrectly using an improper substrate To extend their lifespan, one key thing you can do is clean your floor regularly with a high-quality stripper. This will allow you to remove any debris sticking to your coating without damaging it. You should also ensure that there’s 100% contact between your membrane and epoxy coating. Here at Asset Coating, we specialize in epoxy flooring that lasts. We can help you achieve the perfect finish time and again, allowing your coating to last for years without requiring any major repairs or replacements.

If you want more information on epoxy floors or other types of industrial floor coatings, our team here at Epoxy Flooring Nashville is happy to assist!